Tiny Homes and the Companies that Help Build Them

If you like me are extremely intrigued by the Tiny Homes movement that is happening globally and are curious to discover more then continue reading. First things first.

What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes are exactly that, a home which is shrunk down to size as to minimize cost of living as well as minimize the environmental impact that living in a large house would bring. Technically speaking Tiny homes are classified as homes that are less than 400 square feet in size. Tiny homes can offer mobile living such as RVs or built on a foundation. Prices can range from $10 000 up to $200 000.

Why the craze with Tiny Home Living?

People are tired of being part of the daily rat race just to pay off a high mortgage for a house with large living quarters which can never fully be utilised. Most of tiny home owners have decided to save the costs and stress that a high mortgage brings and trade it in for a tiny home with downsized stress. Some lucky owners are even able to pay a tiny home in cash. They no longer have a sharp mortgage sword hanging over their heads and can better utilise their increased disposable income for enriching life experiences such as travel.

Suppose you wake up one day with a major epiphany. Thats it! You no longer want to slave away to pay off a huge house that brings you stress and further maintenance costs. You are going to simplify your life and take a bold leap of faith towards the tiny house movement.

DYI or Professional Tiny Home Builder?

Now that you have made the bold decision to become a part of the tiny house nation the question begs, will you take the DYI approach or rather leave it in the hands of the professionals that specialize in these mushroom homes.

Me personally, I prefer to not put my butt in the water if I cannot swim but some people love a challenge and are excited to build their own tiny home. It goes without saying that taking this route will inevitably save you lots of cash but will the added stress be worth it?

Bear in mind that well-built tiny homes can cost close to $100,000, with some of the smallest running as low as $10,000. Costs can also quickly escalate when you select custom design plans and expensive material. Don’t forget that if you are planning on adopting this Tiny house lifestyle permanently that you will need to purchase a piece of property and provide yourself with water and (unless you’re living off the grid) electricity.

After months of procrastinating you have finally decide to take the plunge are are ready to embark on this Tiny adventure. Time to find the perfect builder to create your Tiny Dream House. Why use a builder when if you can DYI your Tiny house? Well unless you are an expert builder and are blessed with an abundance of patience you will be relived to know that most Tiny Builders will provide you with everything from the design process to the actual building of the house. Some even offer financing. The will discuss your specific needs as well as discuss various interior finishes that will suit your budget.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a tiny house builder:

  • How long have they been around? With the boom in the tiny house movement there is no shortage of options but you want to work with someone that has good experience and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • Are they able to make my Tiny house dream come true? Can they work with my design but at the same time are not afraid to tell me if my goals are unrealistic.
  • Are they using good sturdy material that can withstand harsh conditions? Examine their past builds and read up on various materials used.

Now that you know what to consider when selecting your tiny house builder take a look at the below list of Best Tiny House builders in the USA.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Perfect for the adventurer that prefers to be mobile and wants their tiny house to be on wheels. With tons of experience under their belt, Tumbleweed Tiny house Company can offer you various solutions for your tiny house RV plans, in fact they are a licensed RV manufacturer. Launched in 2003 Tumbleweed quickly gained a solid reputation for building beautiful hand crafted designs. If you are an adventurer that is keen to tackle a DYI project then this is something that Tumbleweed can help you with. Not only does Tumbleweed build beautiful houses but they are also environmentally friendly homes.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Based in Colorado Rocky Mountain Tiny House builders are known as one of the most premier tiny house companies in the nation. They offer unique and creative solutions without breaking the bank. If your goal is to go fully customised and you want a Tiny house that screams you then Rocky Mountain Tiny houses are what you’re looking for.

New Frontier Tiny Homes

Going Tiny does not have to mean ruling out luxury. New Frontier Tiny Homes are really good at bringing the world of Tiny homes and luxury together. They offer five beautiful and expertly designed tiny homes that can accommodate up to six people. Prebuilt does not mean that you cannot customise along the way. This is a company that will work alongside with you from start to finish t ensure that the end result is your perfect tiny Home. Things that people generally rule out when thinking of a Tiny Home are still made available thanks to New Frontier Tiny Homes. Features such as a walk in closet and chefs kitchen can still be enjoyed even in a smaller domain. Theres no need to rule out luxury when going tiny. Visit their website which is full of information regarding the construction process as well as other frequently asked questions.

Tiny Smart House

With all the chaotic and strange weather occurrences on a global scale people are definitely becoming more environmentally conscious. Tiny Smart House solutions help you achieve your eco living goals by building tiny homes that help reduce consumption, waste, and cost of living. Non-toxic materials are used and hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde are avoided keeping the air you breathe pure. Because high quality reclaimed building materials are used when available prospective owners will be able to save money and also know that they are contributing to a more earth-friendly world. Energy is used efficiently with every design, saving you even further costs. I’m really impressed with the thought that goes into every Tiny Smart house built, they truly do offer a peaceful haven of joy in the form of a tiny house. Tiny Smart House really do offer you the perfect eco-friendly Tiny Home.

Escape Traveler

Quoted by Forbes magazine “The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses in The World” Escape Traveler can Truly build your dreamy Tiny Home. With 25 Years of experience under their belt expect nothing short of exceptional quality. Their Tiny homes have been designed with a feeling of openness and space in mind so that the last thing you will feel is cramped. All Tiny house units are built to withstand extreme climate and common features include panoramic windows, plenty of storage, large bathrooms you even have the option to go Off grid if need be.

Another great bonus is that Escape traveler delvers directly to their customers using their own trucks & factory reps. They really do offer prospective Tiny home owners a holistic solution.

Bamboo Living

This is an interesting one. Bamboo Living are the first and only code-certified company to build bamboo structures in the world. Thy have been around since 1995 and they can offer tiny homes which are unique, eco-friendly, and built to withstand harsh conditions. While the don’t exclusively speacilaize in Tiny homes they are specialised when it comes to building with bamboo which offers any home incredible benefits. One surprising benefit is that it offers termite free living, they hate bamboo so a bamboo Tiny house will offer you a virtual bug shield. Bamboo is the eco-friendly alternative to building with timber and here comes the real winner, it performs better in University tests that measure things like tensile and compressive strength. And in real world events like hurricanes and earthquakes, well-constructed bamboo homes like those built by Bamboo Living stand strong against climatic surprises.

If you really want to dig deep and gather far more info then take a look at my list of Best books on Tiny Homes here.







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