Smart Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Smart ideas for small bedrooms are definitely in demand thanks to the increased popularity of minimalistic living. Your bedroom is your sanctuary where all you troubles and struggles should be lifted up and carried away. It’s the zone where you get to reset. It’s vital that your bedroom bring you a sense of peace and joy.

Somehow people seem to think that peace and joy do not mix well with small spaces. They equate small space to feelings of frustration and contempt mainly due to the lack of storage which often leads to clutter. For those that prefer to live in big buzzing cities like New York they will inevitably meet the challenge of learning to love a small bedroom. Thankfully there are some smart designers out there that can transform any small space into a sweet haven of joy.

When decorating a small bedroom, it’s important to think outside the box. Here are some other creative ideas that will maximise the little space that you have without sacrificing on style and especially joy.

Shelves for the win

Anybody that knows me knows my obsession with shelves. Honestly they are the superhero that swoop in and conquer those pesky space thieves. The creative outlet they offer make them fun to work with too. Take this one for example: how about an accent wall of bookshelves? You’ll need two things in order make your idea work – wall paint and shelves!

Shelves are one of the best ways to save space in a small bedroom. You can use them to store books, magazines, clothes or even shoes. And if you want to get really creative you could use them to store things like jewelry or makeup. Just make sure that you don’t overload the shelves or they will start to look cluttered.

Even if you have a small bedroom that literally just allows your bed to slide in, fear not because the walls around you offer the storage space your heart longingly desires. If I had to rank all the ideas for small bedrooms, this is one would definitely top my list.


If you have a small bedroom then you need to David Copperfield it pronto! Embrace the art of optical illusions and make use of mirrors to extend the space for you. Mirrors not only make the room look bigger but they also reflect light which makes the room appear brighter and more airy. If you don’t want to use a full-length mirror you could always opt for a decorative wall mirror or even a vanity mirror.

Frameless mirrors work best and you really can use all shapes and styles like this small bedroom which makes use of vertical mirrors. The frameless option gives a more minimalistic feel if you are looking for a very tranquil vibe. You can use wall mirrors or even take a long standing framed mirror and place it strategically against the wall. Not only are mirrors useful when getting dressed and ready but they reflect a generous amount of light which will immediately add space to any small bedroom.

Hello Murphy Bed

It goes without saying that a bedroom requires the use of a bed. When you are limited with space you don’t want to occupy every inch of it up to the point where climbing into bed becomes a game of twister.

A murphy bed is also a great option for small bedrooms. Murphy beds are basically beds that fold up into the wall when not in use. This means that during the day you can have more space in the bedroom and at night you can simply pull the bed down and go to sleep.

I love Murphy beds because they openin up floor space that might have seemed impossible to previously capitalise on. If you’re thinking off a old creaky sofa that opens up well think again. Today there are Murphy beds that honestly will make your sweet little jaw drop. In fact there are numerous companies that are making huge strides in the world of multifunctional furniture and are definitely worth investigating. With the free space you can add a gorgeous rug and make it your reading or yoga zone. I love this murphy bed from Wayfair, the price is a bit steep but worth every penny in my opinion. Amazon also offers great options on their site such as this easy lift queen size murphy bed. What are you waiting for, start your space saving journey today!

Use the space under the bed

If the idea of a Murphy bed is something you cannot come to terms with then another great way to save space in a small bedroom is by using the space under the bed.

This is often wasted space but it doesn’t have to be. You can use storage boxes or even get creative and make your own storage solutions.

Some beds are sold with draws already installed underneath if not you can place baskets under the bed, custom build a shelf around the perimeter of your bed or even make roll out shoe shelves. They are great things you can do with the lucrative space under your bed. Want to be inspired by more ideas?

Get hooked

Hooks really get your walls to work for you, they are like little hands picking up all sorts of things that end up on your floor. Hooks discreetly hidden behind a door are the perfect solution to hang up robes and coats. You can use hooks to display art work and photos. Hooks are also great to hang accessories such as jewellery, even your daily shoppers can be hung up on a hook. The uses are really limitless and indispensable for any small space. You can even hang plants that help improve your sleep. You can read all about it here. Just make sure that you don’t overload the hooks or they will start to look cluttered.

Let the Green in

Last but not least, one of the best ways to make a small bedroom feel more spacious is by adding houseplants. I love plants they also add such good feel good energy to a room. Plants not only purify the air but they also add a sense of calm and peace to a room.

Houseplants add such an element of joy and peace to any space not to mention the health benefits you reap from surrounding yourself with the nature of plant life. For small bedrooms a great idea is to hang your plants or even display them on your shelves. Another fabulous idea for small bedrooms is to display plants on your headboard.

Just make sure that you choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t require too much sunlight. Here you can find a complete list of perfect low maintenance plants for small spaces. The fact that they are all available on Amazon means you can start your green project right away!

Small bedrooms can be a challenge to decorate but with a bit of creativity and these space-saving tips, you can easily turn your small bedroom into a tranquil oasis. Amazon is a great option when it comes to finding affordable furniture and storage solutions for small bedrooms. They have a wide range of products that are perfect for small spaces. And if you’re looking for smart ideas for small bedrooms then definitely consider some of these space-saving tips. By using shelves, mirrors and murphy beds you can easily turn a small bedroom into a functional and stylish space. So what are you waiting for? Start decorating today






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