Adding More Storage in Small Spaces: 10 Clever Ideas

It becomes obvious that you will need to use some creativity when it comes to keeping your belongings when your square footage is measured in the low hundreds rather than the thousands. However, if your space is on the little side, there are a heck of a lot of small space organization concepts you can borrow courtesy to the Small Space Love.

Although almost every household might benefit from more storage, compact spaces are where creative organization strategies comes in win – win scenario. Utilize every square inch and prevent a cluttered appearance with solutions like matching bins, under-the-bed storage, and wall-mounted organizers. These tips for arranging a tiny space put everything into its place so you are able to find something a little more quickly.

It’s more likely that you simply haven’t found it yet because “hidden” areas frequently go unnoticed than that you have “no space.” The first step to optimizing storage capacity in smaller homes is locating and using them.

Don’t worry creativity, specifically when it comes to the house, is the solution to most of life’s issues. There are ways to discover even a little bit additional storage, regardless of whether you own a small closet or limited closet space, a small living room, a craft area, or even a studio apartment.

1. Organizing a compact bedroom

Keep in mind that the area under your bed can be useful if your bedroom is small. Bulky boots and shoes can be hidden from view by placing them in a small bin or basket that slides easily underneath the frame. Out-of-season clothing is best stored in a container with a cover since the lid shields the contents from dust and other foreign objects.

2. Organizing corner drawers

Due to their unusual design, corner drawers and cabinets (also known as blind corner cabinets) are famously challenging to manage. However, a corner drawer’s sharp angles might be useful for arranging small kitchen goods like linen napkins and dish towels. In order to organize the kitchen for simple access, the linens are neatly filed in slant rather than stacked on top of one another.

3. Install high shelves

Look up! In a small flat, books and other knickknacks are stored on sky-high shelf that is placed above a door to keep them out of the way. One of the best small space organizing concepts we’ve ever seen.

4. Make Use of a Door’s Back

The back of a door, which is frequently ignored as wasted space, has excellent storage capacity in compact areas, with the added advantage that you may conceal anything there by simply closing (or opening) the door.

5. Up the stack

When you’re limited on storage capacity, going high rather than wide is a terrific strategy. Stack those containers and baskets, and don’t forget to label them once you’re done so you can quickly identify what’s inside. Similarly to this, adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves is a small living room option for saving space. If you take the time to decorate a bookshelf well, it will also offer aesthetic value to the area. It’s a terrific method to store books and games as well as collectibles, photographs, and artwork.

6. Put hooks up

Although it seems basic, have you installed hooks yet? Mount hooks directly on a piece of furniture to make the most of  usable space! Walls clearly also operate. On the rear of a door, you can also claim some room. And go with a detachable, self-adhesive version if you can’t or prefer not to put holes in any walls.

7. Make a storage wall out of an accent wall

Yes, it would be wonderful if you could wallpaper or paint a geometric mural on a wall and just take in the overall graphic impact. You cannot, however, afford to leave that entire wall blank in a small area. Try to find a storage container that you can cram as tightly into any small, slightly awkward uninterrupted piece of drywall. In a sense, you are mimicking a built-in. And if you wished to add even more color, you could purchase colorful furniture or books, add colored bins, or both.

8. Customization

Customized storage systems, which are appropriately sized to the area, are undoubtedly the finest method to utilize challenging locations that could otherwise go unused. Based on what you’re using it for, you can also incorporate internal alternatives more readily. Fitted furniture offers the added advantage of offering custom storage based on your needs, such as drawers extensions, dedicated shoe and trouser racking, and ergonomic shelf and rail solutions, which can increase capacity by up to three times.

9. Putting in sliding doors

You won’t have to go around in circles looking for what you need ever again. You can easily DIY these bypass doors, which will save your life. They save a lot of room, particularly in areas where two doors would otherwise swing into one another.

10. Curtains to provide cover

No suitable closet? No issue. Here, the clever product hack is curtains. You can mount an abundance of shelves, racks, and bins directly to your wall, and then all you need to do is hang curtains on a tension rod to cover up the evidence of this temporary wardrobe. In a flash, visual clutter was gone! This is a fantastic method to make room without seeming like a complete hoarder. In confined spaces, you must take action as necessary.



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