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11 Small Walk In Pantry Ideas



Yes, we all desire a kitchen with a large walk-in pantry and room to store all of the boxes of cereal and snacks bags. However, the truth is that a lot of us are confined to a small kitchen with hardly sufficient space to store our stash of quirky mugs.

You can turn your pantry into a separate area by changing everything from the entrance to the shelves to the cabinets and worktops. Even if your home is smaller than average, there are still a number of small walk-in pantry designs that are well considering. Each layout for a small pantry starts with plenty of shelf space, as well as lots of containers and buckets.  

While we are unable to change the present amount of space, we do have organizational methods that will make your pantry feel much maintained. Scroll through for some fantastic pantry organization ideas.

1. Small Walk In Pantry with White Floating Shelves

Keeping your kitchen’s pantry maintained will help you keep food goods accessible and fresh. Accessibility to and storage of canned and packaged goods, small kitchen gadgets, and dinnerware are made simple by the inventive reach-in pantry designs. Food products may be easily viewed on shallow and angled pantry shelves, which also keep tiny objects organized rather than becoming lost within larger appliances. You can also add meal planning and grocery lists whiteboard on the surface located on the inside of the door.

2. Make things Simple to find

It’s crucial that everything is organized and simple to find especially if you have a small pantry. Pick transparent containers, see-through wire or mesh baskets and trays to make it easy to locate your preferred snacks.

When it comes to organizing a pantry, the appropriate tools can make a huge difference.

3. Install shelving inside the doors

When building a pantry, keep in mind other helpful space-saving strategies like an extendable rack and storage behind cabinet doors. This section of your pantry is perfect for small items yet it is not well-suited to accommodate hefty or bulky things.

If you’re making a meal and need to get directly to the ingredients, it’s helpful.

4. Add some lightings

To make walk-in pantries a place you truly want to enter, careful kitchen lights is always necessary. Why not think about placing carefully chosen spotlights in your pantry and kitchen for lighting? When performing tasks in a kitchen or pantry, task lighting is crucial since it contributes to the creation of a well-lit, secure space for preparing meals and storage.

5. Integrate Sliding Shelves

We suggest to add the sliding shelf when creating a small pantry. Slide your shelves out to quickly access stuff in the back of the pantry without having to dig over numerous additional items first. It’s not a make-it-or-break-it situation, but it is an element of clutter-free pleasure.

6. Create an Open Pantry

If you have a blank wall, you have the chance to build an open pantry yourself that has tremendous aesthetic appeal. By purchasing some wood 2x4s from a hardware store, you can significantly alter the appearance of your kitchen and add a ton of room for kitchenware and pantry essentials.

7. Small Pantry Cabinets

There’s a strong chance that your kitchen pantry is somewhat more than a cupboard if you’re gathering small pantry storage ideas for your own home. The most common cabinets are those that reach the ceiling. However there are also a ton of cutting-edge styles available to pick from.

8. Pull-out shelves

The most beneficial investment you might make when building a pantry cabinet is with no a doubt pull-out shelves. If pull-out shelves is not a possibility, keep your food in detachable bins. Make sure to utilize your cabinet door by mounting spice racks or another kind of storing.

9. Small Pantry Shelves Ideas

Every outstanding pantry has a set of shelves behind the door. Without them, not a single pantry would be the same. Shelves can be constructed practically anyplace and serve a variety of purposes. This pantry management concept can be added to a current pantry or used elsewhere in your kitchen. To make life a little bit easier, keep daily necessities on accessible kitchen shelves. For this project, you can hang mounted on the wall shelving or recycle an old bookcase.

10. Utilize stacked containers

When it comes to arranging a pantry for a tiny kitchen, stackable containers might be a terrific option. You may maximize the small amount of shelf space in the pantry by stacking containers on top of one another. Snacks, cereal, pasta, and other food items are perfect for storage in stackable containers. You can use them to see exactly what you already have so that you don’t acquire replicas of things or waste space.

11. Unique Corner Pantry

One of the best little pantry ideas that won’t feel cramped in practice is to set up a corner pantry. You get the same amount of storage as a “average” pantry with a corner pantry that is solo or built-in. However, it won’t take up any of the usable space in your kitchen. With a set of hanging shelves, you can quickly convert a small portion of your kitchen into an open-concept pantry. Build a matching pantry space in a corner if your kitchen’s cupboard layout needs an upgrade. Keep in mind that edge pantries can be any size the available space allowed.