Smart living with Multifunctional Furniture

Micro-Housing and small space living calls for multi-functional or transformable furniture. With such smart furniture for small spaces you can do so much more with less space. Time to invest in this perfect space saving solution no matter what square meters you are bound to.

So what exactly is multifunctional furniture?

It is simply smart furniture for small spaces that can serve more than one purpose or be used in more than one way. This could be anything from a sofa that converts into a bed to a coffee table with hidden storage.

The space you live in should never feel like a ring closing around you, constricting and suffocating. We all know that trying to do more with less space can be challenging and even frustrating.

The latest innovation in multi-functional and transformational furniture is evolving so rapidly, that it is the perfect solution for the increasing popularity of small space living.

Make the smart choice and invest in multifunctional furniture today. You get extra functionality and you maximise the minimal space you have to work with.

Can smart furniture choices equal good style or do things simply have to remain practical?

If you’re thinking of an old creaky Murphy bed think again! Today there are some top notch companies that specialise in multi-functional furniture. Companies that have a true passion for solving small space living challenges and have taken things to a new level. Beyond simply putting together a dual purpose product to sell, these companies are completely focused on providing a holistic solution for all their clients.

The Companies listed below make multifunctional furniture that is a true work of art! Expect clever solutions that help you easily navigate transformational ones. Imagine an evolving bookcase with a desk on the front and a bed on the back. You don’t utilise the bed at all hours, so it makes sense to fold it away and utilise the space more efficiently.

Living small no longer has to feel like you have less.

Living with smart furniture for small spaces will expand your space beyond the concrete before your eyes.

Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture  is tops when it comes to serving space saving solutions with style. All products are designed and made in Italy by Clei, the global leader in transforming furniture design for more than 50 years. Furniture such as wall beds and revolving bookcases are only a few of the available solutions and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. I love that Resource offers a complete full-service approach when it comes to serving its clients. They are present from the from the moment you set out to discover the perfect space solution for your home right up to installation day.

Visit one of their showrooms and start planning your new functional, fully furnished home.


Offering beautiful and high quality multifunctional pieces of furniture, Milanosmartliving  is another company that can  transform a small space from something simple to something extraordinary. Only the best Italian workmanship means you are guaranteed top quality pieces that are durable and like most things Italian simply beautiful.

Check out their “up” ceiling bed here


With a creative name inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, expect only great things from this innovative furniture company.

Oriliving turns your small space into a space that is super efficient and more expansive so that you can live large even in a small spaced apartment. A company that embraces forward thinking and creates an unique space so that you don’t have to feel constrained living in a small one. 

My favourite product is the Ori Pocket office. Something that is perfect for when you need to work from home. Instead of permanently taking up your precious floor space, the Pocket Office can be pulled as the space is in demand. This frees up your living room space for you to blissfully enjoy. The Pocket office is available in different sizes to accommodate any space.

Take a look at all their other future forward products here.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to multifunctional furniture and the best part is that it can be easily incorporated into any home, no matter the size. So if you’re living in a small space, don’t despair, just get creative with your furniture choices and make the most of what you have!






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