Noho Chair Review


Finding a workplace chair that meets both your comfort and aesthetic requirements is a difficult task. Many of the versatile, customizable choices are heavy and out of style, whereas more current chair models may prioritize form above function. The Noho chair is the ideal blend of the two, combining a relaxing, ergonomically designed with a minimalist appearance.

They believe that furniture should appear and feel beautiful while also being positive for the environment. It is for this reason that we do not rely on traditional thinking or materials, but rather build earth-friendly solutions that help us maintain our seas, safeguard our environment, and improve our homes, well-being, and daily lives. Your house, lifestyle, and aesthetic are unlike those of any other generation. Why should your furnishings not represent this? Noho design this-century contemporary furniture that accommodates all of the particular needs and realities of your busy, active existence while maintaining an easygoing aesthetic and adaptability that matches every area, purpose, posture, and décor.


This chair isn’t the form or material you may expect when hearing the words “ergonomic,” which is a positive idea because it’ll be positioned in the center of your living room. Instead of a standard office chair. It is supported by a sloping back and curved, contemporary legs (no wheels). The chair’s primary body is composed of recyclable plastic from fishing nets, and it has an interconnecting, almost mesh-like appearance. If you don’t like it, you may obtain a topper for a more minimalist appearance.

The Noho Move has a bouncing vibe because to these interconnecting parts, which bend beneath your legs as you shift forward and flex when you recline. The chair will effortlessly accommodate your body’s natural position while staying dynamic underneath you as you work and move. It will also fit nicely the cushions, allowing you to go the full day without feeling tired.

Chair type: Bucket seat with a flexible, ergonomic design

Material: Reclaimed nylon 6 and recycled postindustrial polypropylene, with a wool topper from New Zealand.

Assembly: Seat comes fully built, and the legs snap into position.

Colors: Include two chair colors and seven topping colors.


  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Simple to construct
  • Stylish appearance
  • Made using salvaged and recyclable materials


  • Expensive
  • Height is not modifiable.


I’ll state what we’ve all been wondering: most ergonomic seats are aesthetically pleasing. One of the Noho’s most appealing features is its combination of ergonomic comfort and visually stunning appearance. It’s sophisticated yet not too sophisticated, in the finest sense.

Shipping and Setup

Much to my surprise, the Noho Move was shipped in a package that resembled a chair. Only the legs needed to be unpacked and assembled because the top seat and backrest came in one part. If you want to purchase a topper, it must also be affixed.

The legs are quite simple to put together. There was no need to get out your tool and hope you had all of the required hardware: the legs fit on with a simple press. They come with papers whose forms you replicate to guarantee that you connect every leg in the precise location. Snap the hexagon leg into the hexagon hole, and so forth. Your new chair is now upright and prepared for you to sit on.


The Noho’s body is comprised of salvaged and recyclable thermoplastic and polypropylene plastic. The material, when moulded into a mesh like structure, can bend and fold while still providing support. The mesh may appear lumpy, but it’s sleek and pleasant even with no topper.

The optional toppers are made of a New Zealand wool knit that has been ethically sourced. The fibers have the organic feel of real wool—not too harsh or too delicate have shown to be extremely durable after a year of constant use.


Simply said, the Noho Move is incredibly comfortable, cushioning your body as you shift and move on a daily basis. If you like a plush and squishy chair, this may not be the one for you, since it’s less than pillowy even with a topper. However, if the comfort you want is more ergonomic and supportive, you’ll appreciate the Noho’s design. The absence of spinning and rolling will help you to rest on my chair.


Does the Noho Move’s ergonomic support, sleek design, and simple installation seem like a good match for you and your space? Get it from Noho for $375 (in two colours) and add a partial topper for $79 additional (available in seven colors).